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5 Gift ideas for Mompreneurs

5 Gift ideas for Mompreneurs

I’ve been brainstorming about some awesome gifts ideas that mompreneurs will actually appreciate. With our new addition making me a homeschool of 3 and a business owner, I’ve been thinking about thing that would actually make my life easier. I got some amazing gifts for my baby shower. Some of my favourites were gifts to pamper myself. I hope that doesn’t make me sound selfish but I truly needed them. I started thinking, if I had to give a gift to a mompreneur like me what would I give her? I also asked some other mompreneurs for their tips on idea gifts. Surprisingly, the ideas were all along the same lines.

​1. ME TIME Having three little humans in the house all day, huge piles of laundry on my bed, the sofa, the laundry room floor and many other surprising places. Let’s not forget the constantly full kitchen sink and my shirts full of baby spit ups. I haven’t had some time alone in a while. It would be so amazing if I could just go out for an hour of silence. Even if I take my work with me and have some time of undisturbed work time that would be awesome. Right now I am imagining myself on a creek with my feet in the sea on a freezing cold drink in my hand.

If your kids are a bit older and can handle a day or two without mamma, I would grab my suitcase and go visit a place you haven’t been before. 2 days in Croatia was what I was saving for just before I found out I was pregnant…there goes that plan!!

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2. PAPER PLANNER For a physical gift, if you are like me and love all things pretty, a planner may be an awesome gift. I have to write things down as I work to keep myself on track and organized and I just LOVE planners. This year I will be using this. I ordered it and got some super cute accessories with its adorable.

3. HOUSE HELP Having a clean house is my mission impossible. I hope I’m not the only one haha! Clutter distracts me during my time with the kids, during my work and even in my sleep. In my mind having house help is something only people of a difference class can ever have. But recently I have spoke to many moms who have house help and there is no shame in not being able to do it all. This would be one amazing one time gift…and might help you decide whether you need that kind of help regularly. We are seriously considering this once summer is over and we are back into our normal routine.

4. FOOD DELIVERY One gift that many moms mentioned on top of their list was food delivery. Prepared food for a week or why not, more, delivered to your door. I am a very lucky mamma, my Italian husband loves to cook, and he does so most of the week! What a Blessing!!! But if you are not so blessed in this area, food delivery would be an amazing gift that takes a load off your mind.

5. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT One last tip, why not try a virtual assistant for a month. What an awesome gift to have someone else work with you to reach your business goals. A VA takes all your weak areas and lets you focus on your strengths and building your business together. If someone wants to know what gift you want for a special day. I truly suggest trying out a VA….there’s no turning back, I promise. If you would like to find out more on a Virtual Assistant can do for you, you can read The Virtual Assistant Meaning.

If you know an amazing mamma in your life who needs a little encouragement or has a special day coming up, do consider one of the above gift ideas. I can assure you she will be eternally grateful! ​ I’m planning on adding more to this list. Leave me your ideal gift in the comments!! ​ If you are truly considering trying out a Virtual Assistant make sure you get in contact with me.

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