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Hire the perfect Virtual Assistant every time by asking these 5 Questions

Hire the perfect Virtual Assistant every time by asking these 5 Questions

Now that you have selected a few options, schedule a 30 minute call with each of them and here is were you’re going to find the perfect VA for you and your business. I have made a list of important things to find out during this call. I truly hope you find this information valuable.

1. Find out about their experience and what they enjoy doing the most. What are their strengths? What services have they been offering? I suggest you always find these things out before telling them what you need…just so you do not influence their answer.

2. What are their weaknesses? This is also as important. Apart from actually finding out what they are not great in, you can also see a VA’s honesty here. In reality all VA have things they shine in and other things that they struggle with. Although, even as a VA myself, we are a sort of jack of all trades, there are still things that we do not shine in and being honest about those things right from the start is key. This doesn’t mean that they can’t learn a system if they haven’t used it before or that you should end the call and get that person off your possible list right away.

3. Ask how they do their business. Do they send out a contract? Is there a minimum contract period? Some offer reduce rates for longer contracts. When should you expect to receive an invoice? Some VAs prefer to be paid before starting to offer the service others don’t mind being paid at the end of the month.

4. Ask the VA why they became a Virtual Assistant in the first place.  You will find out that most VA have a very interesting and passionate story behind choosing this kind of work. You will probably also find out that most VAs have a strong desire to serve others…this is a great quality to look at for.

5. Discuss your business and your struggles and how they can make your life easier. Before the call, take some time to think about what is keeping you back. What are those tasks that are taking way too much time from what should be your primary focus? What are those things that you absolutely dread doing? Make a list of what you’re willing to outsource.

Tell the VA candidate about your business and about the things you need help with. This is the time where I (as the VA being interview) start writing down notes and brain storming on how I can help this person out.

These last two questions will usually lead to a good conversation where you will find out the most important thing about the particular candidate. Remember, your aim is to find someone you can connect with on a personal level and not just strictly on business level. If a VA feels like they are collaborating with a friend, it helps a them want to invest more wholeheartedly into your business. Having a good VA can lead to not only help, but a partnership with someone who cares about your business as much as you do.

Keep in mind that it is more important to hire someone for their attitude. Everything else can be taught.

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