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My Why – The story behind starting a VA business

My husband (Italian) and I (Maltese) met while I was on an Erasmus exchange program and we knew right away that we were meant to be together. We have been married for 9 years. I had just turned 22. I finished University, and he was still doing his BA. When our first son who is now 7 was born we felt in our hearts that we were supposed to homeschool our children. But, we live in a country where homeschooling is illegal!

He was still young, so that gave me time to actively follow politicians around and try to get it legalized by the time he was of school age. I have been a homeschool activist the whole 7 years and unfortunately, it was brought us almost nowhere….NOT GIVING UP HOPE OF COURSE! But in the meantime, we were starting to get into trouble and living in fear was not OK with us.

We sought out various options to get around this restrictions. Meanwhile, we had a second child, hubby got his Masters degree and started his PhD. He did get the job of his dreams (so we felt that was a confirmation that we were meant to stay here…WHY LORD?) and I worked part time on and off. However, we were still not at peace.

Exactly a year ago, we had an idea. Someone we had just met, told us about a Sicilian village were houses were being sold at a super cheap price. Financially, this was an impossible commitment. We had just bought our house is Malta a year before, were still paying off our car and  we were living on one wage. At around the same time I had started looking into working online and started doing some small freelance jobs here and there but nothing stable. With all that in mind, but with the hope that one day we would stop living in fear, that same day we book a ferry boat trip to Sicily to go see the first house we saw online. To cut the story short, we came back convinced this was the way to go. Within a month the house was ours, all the doors opened at just the right time.

In July, we went and stayed there the whole summer, got our residency there, registered as homeschoolers and fell in love with the place! Still in the back of our heads we were constantly thinking , most of our income was now going to paying off 2 houses!! Yet we felt peace.

This is when I started to learn everything I could about being a Social Media Manager, a VA and running a business in general. Now, a year later, 8 months pregnant with our 3rd, I am starting to see the fruit of all that hard work and determination! It took time, but now I have clients who depend on my services, clients who trust me. Financially, I am now able to help out at home and take some pressure off that 1 income, I am able to go back and forth as many time as needed during the year and able to go out and go have a nice coffee out once in a while.

Why did I build a Virtual Assistant Business
Our Baby Announcement Nov ’17

All this to say, sometimes, things seem so big to us. We are faced with logical questions like: How are we gonna do this? How can we afford to dream big? I know that through trusting the Lord, prayer and determination, impossible things can truly happen. We still have goals to reach, and I don’t claim I know everything about what I’m doing but I never stop learning, never stop investing in myself and when doubts come, I think of Why I am doing this and I know that through God’s grace everything will work out…better than I expect. Oh …and our kids have never set foot in a school!

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