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Virtual Assistant for Social Media

Virtual Assistant for Social Media

Social Media has become essential for small businesses and in many cases so has hiring a Virtual Assistant for your Social Media needs. An active social media presence is crucial for the growth, sustainability, and success of your business.

Your online presence serves as the virtual face of your brand. It is your chance to increase Brand Awareness and to make a great first impression on your prospective clients.

Did you know that In a recent online survey, a number of small business owners, proprietors, and CEOs were asked how much time they spend on social media every week?

A whopping 63% said that they spend 1-5 hours on social media every week.

The rest are spending much more, with some business owners spending 21+ hours a week on social media alone – that’s HALF of the normal working week!

How do they get anything done?

The vast majority of time spent on social media can be handed over to a virtual assistant for them to handle scheduling and promotion, whilst you focus on the money generating side of the business.

Now, as a mompreneur myself, I understand that hiring someone, especially in the beginning can be difficult.  So I wanted to give you a few tips to help take some of the stress of social media off of you until you are ready to outsource. I have also created a FREE CHEAT SHEET to help you out in the process.


4 Social Media Tips to save time 7 take away stress

Thinking about setting up social media content can really be overwhelming. What platform should you be on? You have to create graphics, videos, find hashtags, SEO….. So much work goes into your Social Media Content. I want to give you some tips for you to be able to be more efficient when getting your brand out there.

1. Less is more – Share less content but make it more valuable and relevant.

You do not need to post every day. Before it used to be essential to post very often, however, today, the algorithms will favor relevant content rather than frequent posting.

2. Repurpose content – Find different ways to share one blog post on different platforms.

Create a few Pinterest graphics to go with it; Create a graphic and extract some of the text for Instagram; create a video about what you spoke about in the blog (some people enjoy reading, others prefer video…why not reach all of them) Your video can be shared on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Stories!

This is what I do for my own blog posts (This doesn’t only work for bloggers, I have also followed a similar system for product based businesses). Unfortunately, I still haven’t started making any videos…I’m working on my bravery for this.

When I am writing a blog post, before I even posting it, I first think of 3 alternative titles to my post and I create the following graphics which I will spread out during the next week or 2:

  • 2 Instagram Graphics (Title 1 & 2)
  • 3 Pinterest Graphics (Title 1, 2 & 3)
  • 1 Facebook Graphics

3. Batch your content – dedicate a day to create all your graphics and another day to create a whole bunch of videos. This will help you build your social media library.

 4. Schedule your posts – whether you want to do that on paper, or on a tool like Tailwind.

You don’t want to have to brainstorm every single day on what you should be posting (it reminds me of the daily struggle of thinking of what to cook for lunch and dinner).

I usually schedule all my social media and that of my clients in the last week of the month for the whole coming month.

If something comes up, I am happy to make minor changes but knowing that the content is all planned out and going out on autopilot is a huge weight off my shoulders.

These tips may be helpful, however, many small businesses still struggle with social media and others just end up wasting a whole bunch of time which they should be using on other more important business tasks.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to take the Social Media load off of you?

Did you once enjoy managing your own social media channels but now it is just another thing to check off your ever-growing to-do list?

Then it might be time for you to consider hiring a social media manager. ​ A Social Media VA or Social Media Manager takes over your social media channels and implements a solid strategy that will help you reach your goals. Whether that is increasing your followers, visits to your website or sales, they will have more time to focus on creating a strategy to achieve those goals.



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