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Why Use Trello? How I live an organized life thanks to Trello

Why Use Trello? How I live an organized life thanks to Trello

Why do I need project management software? Why choose Trello? Because it has changed my life and it can change yours. Trello is an online project management platform. If you own a small business, manage a household, or have a busy schedule, this is the best tool to keep track of anything and everything. Have you discovered Trello yet? If not, you must start using it NOW! 

WHAT MY LIFE LOOKS LIKE For those of you who may not know, my husband and I ping pong between two countries. We have 3 kids. They are 7, 5 and 1 month. My husband is a lecturer and travels abroad on work about 10 times a year (excluding our ping pong travels. We also homeschool our first 2. To top that off nicely, I own my own Online Virtual Assistant business.

We also live in a very small house. This was a decision we took in order to one day, hopefully soon, be able to live debt free. This means that this space is our home, our school and our offices. So yeah, it gets kind of crazy but 3 things help me stay sane: Jesus, tea and Trello.

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My clients often ask me. How do I keep things so organized? How do I complete tasks before they even ask me? How am I reminding them of stuff going on in their business? Check out my services HERE.

My answer is always TRELLO

Now, I am a person who carries around her notebook everywhere, I write lists in it everyday and I just cannot live without my planner but sometimes keep track of things on paper can get pretty confusing. Trello has now come along side my planner. I use both everyday.

As a Virtual Assistant, I have so much on my mind. Every day, I have tasks from at least 5 different clients which need to be done. Apart from that, I am obviously running a house hold with kids who need to be educated, fed and entertained. Trello has helped me stay on top of all the things going on. It has also made transitioning from a task to another very smooth and easy.

These are some boards that I like to keep:

Blog Editorial Calendar – Here I write my blog ideas, scheduling and all the processes that go into creating a blog post.

​Social Media Calendar – This helps me prepare and schedule all my social media posts in advance. Also if I am online and I find a good post idea, an article I’d like to share or even a graphic idea that I like, I post these in here and then I personalize them and organize them into the calendar. Check out what I can do for your social media and take that off your hands and into my Trello Board ​ Work Flow Board – This is open all day! I use it all the time. I have it set up super simple. To Do, To Do next week, Done. At the end of the week, I move them under the column with the client name. It is also synced with my iCal.

​Meal Planning Board – This is also a life saver. I have a card for each of the meals we make, I add new ones as they come up and keep them in one list, then move any I want to make this week under the column with the day name. I also keep a shopping list in there.

​I also have a board for all my clients were I keep all their info, social media schedules and more. Now, I am helping people get organized using Trello. I create Trello boards to help them get started and have a better planned life.

Finally, if you are just familiarizing yourself with Trello and need some FREE inspiration, here is a great resource I found that can give you some ideas on how to set up your first Trello boards:Trello inspiration

Do you use Trello? Do you prefer another Project Management platform? ​​​

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