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Looking to create a brand with an attitude and graphics that will inspire a story? You are in the right place. 

As an artistic and creative content repurposers I will churn out your design work and social media marketing collateral. From logos that defines your brand’s success to versatile and dominating custom designs for social media, I help you create a brand ideal for your customer's journey. 

Operations are efficient, customer-friendly, and hassle-free – I ensure quality work without having to break the bank!

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Brand and Graphic Design Makes Everything Possible

Some of the clients I work with include:

  • Small businesses and startups 
  • Medium-sized business 
  • Coaches 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Community & Membership owners 
  • Anyone looking for quality branding and custom social media design services

Take the first step to visual deliciousness…recharge and spice up your brand with Abigail! Get ready to charm your audience. Don’t hire me if you hate drawing attention – these graphics are known to stand out!

Meet Abi

Hi, I am Abigail and I am the founder and lead designer at AbigailGiuffre.com. This journey started in 2017 on a tiny island in the Mediterranean Malta and we are now serving clients worldwide! I am here to listen to your needs and provide you with designs that elevate your brand personality. I take hold of your idea and add a wow-factor with beautiful graphics!

My goal is to help coaches and membership owners with custom social media design services that will stop the scroll, Websites that take your customers on a journey and logo and brand designs that will carry you and your business into the future!

Abigail Giuffre

Abigail was my Lead Graphic Designer and she is such an asset to my company. Ever since she came into my team, she has elevated the service that we provide in my company. Her graphic design is extremely professional.

I highly recommend her for any thing that you want to do for your business whether it's your social media posts, logos, branding boards and even your website. Abigail should be your go-to person.

She is super professional, she is communicative and there has never been an issue in terms of excellence and delivering the results that we and our clients expect. I always feel super comfortable handing off projects to her because I know she will do amazing things with it. 

If you are hesitant to hiring Abigail, please dive right it in, she will go above and beyond to

Emely Roman
The Foundry
Abi is a proactive, trustworthy and energetic personal assistant. I hired Abi as a Virtual Assistant when I needed help managing my appointments, but quickly realised she could help me in many other areas. She gets me completely organised, even on tasks I haven't thought of, frequently making suggestions for doing something more effectively, or making recommendations for action when needed. For example, when I travel on business Abi arranges my flights and hotels, schedules all my appointments, books meeting venues, and liaises with key clients on logistics and paperwork so that I can spend more time and energy focusing on their specific business requirements. Abigail is also very adaptable and quick to tackle new and unusual projects with creativity and responsiveness. She's able to improvise when solving problems and has a flair for design that lends itself to all her work, most recently demonstrated in the new client management tools she has produced for me. Abi's positivity and can-do approach has become a vital asset to my business that I'd never want to let go of.
Paul Grant
The Funding Game
Abigail is amazing to work with! She is a huge asset to my business. She is extremely prompt and thorough with every project I give her. I have a worked with her since (almost) the beginning of mu business. She literally does everything. If she doesn't know how to do it, she will figure it out. Phenomenal doesn't even begin to describe her. She has designed labels, done my website SEO, created my website listings, made me graphics, organized my FB group, created & optimized my Pinterest, made spreadsheets to organize my chaos, done backend work (pricing products, product research, etc.), remembered passwords that I can't figure out. She is currently taking all my crazy ideas and creating a gorgeous, organized website for me! I would literally trust this lady with my life!
Jessica Lehman
Naive Necessities

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