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How to prepare your Social Media for the Holidays – A Christmassy social media marketing strategy

How to prepare your Social Media for the Holidays – A Christmassy social media marketing strategy

Get your business ready for Christmas holidays by following this simple tips to enhance your social media marketing strategy over the festive seasons.

For me the holidays are a time for our family to be together. It’s a time to bake cookies and build puzzles together, wrap gifts and watch Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate under a blanket. It’s definitely not a time to brain storm for the most engaging posts and creating cool graphics to post on my social media. Though I do that all year round, now is not the time. I started brainstorming and reading in different blogs thinking, how can I my social media ready for the holidays. We all know that consistency is key. The algorithm will not be so happy with us if we suddenly disappear for a couple of weeks. So it’s very important to keep our Social Media consistent even during our break.

Tip #1 Content Brainstorm

Plan ahead by starting to think about the content you want to put out there during the month of December. Most importantly, think of what your niche will want to see during the holiday season. Perhaps they will seek funny, uplifting posts or posts about relieving the stress of the holidays.

REMEMBER your content needs to be divided into 80% Value, 20% Promo…my coach says 90%-10%. Do not inundate your feed with sales posts, that is annoying for your followers but also kills your chances with the algorithm. Some examples of valuable content are educational posts, relevant information but also entertainment posts.

Tip #2 Be Real

Show how your family and/or your brand celebrate the holidays. People do not buy from a company, they buy from a person. Now is the time to show the REAL side of your brand. This is a great chance for you to share some family traditions, pictures of you and your family working on a project, or pictures of an adventure, or your shopping cart. Keeping it real is crucial in order to keep your followers engaged.

Tip #3 Use a Scheduler

I have a confession to make, I am a Social Media Manager and I love what I do but I have schedulers. I love planning out my posts and seeing how they’re going to look, I love their function and I think it is essential for consistency but I hate that it sometimes puts us in a relaxed complacent position and we start missing out on that real engagement. I also feel like the content I scheduled a week or a month ago might not be relevant for where I am at today. But, during the holidays I will definitely use a scheduler. Here is what I do:

– I plan out my SM content on Trello, I have a list for each platform and then I add the content by date.

– Schedule the content for the busiest days probably 23rd December-2nd January

– I will also prepare extra content to have me covered until the 15th of January just in case things get a little too crazy

Tip #4 Get your Pinterest Ready

If you are on Pinterest, I would also suggest that you:

– check that you have no dead links, especially if it anything related to the season.

– If you have any seasonal content, create some fresh eye catching new pins.

– Build a holiday board with your own content and other people’s pins too.

Tip #5 Be Fun

Finally, I have a few more fun ideas for you to prepare your brand for the festive season.

– Make a festive cover graphic for your Facebook page. – Create a special offer or a freebie as a thank you to all the people on your mailing list.

– Send holiday wishes to your most engaging followers on Instagram. You can DM a virtual greeting card.

Those are my tips to help you get your business social media ready for the holidays.

Is there anything else you do as a brand to get prepped for the season? If so, let us know in the comments section.

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