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Transition into European Mom Life Blogging

Transition into European Mom Life Blogging

I love my Virtual Assistant Business. I have been so blessed in these past 2 years since I started my business. Financially, it has been a huge help and allowed us to splurge on things we could only dream of before. I also love the people I work with. I have had chance to work with people I would have never come across had it not been for this business. Some of the connections I’ve made, I know will continue for a long time! Another thing I really appreciate about being a VA is the things I have learnt. In 2 years, I have learnt about graphic design, web design, social media marketing, content creation, influencer marketing and so much more and as I grow, I use all the things I learn for my business but also for my clients.

I love how one of my first clients often approaches me and says, “Hey have you been studying anything about XYZ subject by any chance?” She knows I am always working on self development as well as the growth of my skills…often times my answer is, “Oh goodness, I just finished a course or a book about that and yes I can help you!” However, being a VA kept me in the safe spot of working behind the scenes. I feel like I have hung around there, in my comfort zone. Though I do lots of marketing and chat with lots of new people every day, I have been holding back on what I have to say. My beliefs, my experiences and just my everyday mom life. I love reading mom blogs. I find them encouraging and many times very informative. However, being a mom in a tiny island in the mediterranean, sometimes gives me the idea that I’m missing out.

  • I read blogs about couponing – we don’t get coupons here

  • I read posts about amazing homeschool curriculum – I have to pay $200 to get it mailed here, heck homeschooling is illegal here

  • I read about online shopping stores with amazing product….

…yeah you get it. So, I decided to write about the amazing stuff on this side of the world! Stuff that I find, places that we love. Where I get my food, books, clothes…cos being a homeschool mom of 3 and a VA…you can assume, I hate going out to stores to buy stuff! And my postman knows that.

I hope that some moms will find this mom-blog perspective interesting and useful!

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